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on 24.11.2008. | 18,746 views
Meet two old friends, Turbo Reindeer and Snowman Limač. The ice and fire in the greatest adventure of their lives.
After many years, once best friends Reindeer and Snowman met at the filming of a commercial. Suddenly the strong emotions rose to the surface and former rivalries reappeared. Snowman, as troublesome as always, decided to take matters into his own hands, quite literally. During numerous attempts by our film crew to capture them harmlessly jigging to a song, each time Snowman found it necessary to knock something off the wall. Let’s get to know them a little bit better …
Reindeer in the garden
Sob u vrtuFull name: Turbo Reindeer
Nickname: Speedy
Year of birth: unknown
Father’s name: Rudi Reindeer
Turbo Reindeer, or Speedy, as his friends call him, leads a quiet and solitary existence.
-    I enjoy my time the most spent peacefully doing some gardening by my house, then my lights come on – that is how happy it makes me!
Reindeer is a cheerful bachelor, who often says:
-    There is plenty of time. I am sure I will find the right Miss Reindeer for me.
He is never late for work, but is always late home from work. He calls his mother Reindeer quite regularly and his neighbours adore him.
-    “You can’t borrow sugar from your neighbours if you don’t know them!”- Reindeer always says.
In the picture, you can see Reindeer in front of his little house and garden, which is his pride and joy.

Snjegovic LimacSnowman Limač
Full name: Limač Snowman
Nickname: Trouble
Year of birth: unknown
Father’s name: White Snowman
Limač is called Trouble for a very good reason. There is no point in hiding from the truth, behind the innocent nickname our Snowman has a great urge to get into every bit of mischief that comes his way.
-    There isn’t a red button I haven’t pressed, NOT POSSIBLE. Especially if “do not touch” is written on it.
 Limač comes from the coldest iceberg in the North Pole.
-    “No one helps you there, especially if you are a snowman, especially then.“- Snowman says pretty thoughtfully.
Extreme sports are his greatest passion and without them he’s like a fish out of water. Asked about the rivalry with Turbo, he said “This interview is over” and he walked away – that is what he is like. This is the only photo Snowman could give us, and he borrowed it from his mother.

How did Reindeer and Snowman get to appear on TV?
A step-by-step guide

Reindeer and Snowman are two lead roles in Christmas tags*, appearing at the end of TV commercials for the toyshop Turbo Limač. The tags last three seconds, but the making of them lasted a little bit longer.
*tag – a brief quotation, a label, to label or to identify and similar; a metal tip, a small, loose fragment, to follow closely, a sequence of characters in a mark-up language used to provide information, a rag, a tatter, last lines of a song or a poem; an expression in marketing, in this case denoting the animation at the end of a TV commercial

1. First we drew a sketch of Reindeer and Snowman on paper, and this was the very beginning of our animation. Using highly sophisticated procedures of computer processing, from a simple black and white drawing we managed to create a complete, coloured drawing ready for further manipulation.
2.  The main trick in the screenplay was that Snowman drags something unusual onto the screen by pulling a wire, and that his actions cause a kind of “short-circuit”. So we gave Snowman a wire … so he can pull something.
3. The choice of set design was not an easy task. Time was spent dwelling on whether to use a beach with a palm tree or a forest covered in snow. We opted for the forest.
4. The final part of the production was the audio – the sound of songs and joy. We mixed it for two to three weeks and added some applications for audio and video manipulation when necessary – and it was finished!
That is how we made the cartoon about Reindeer and Snowman!

Drawing and character development: Nataša Rašović
Screenplay by: Nikola Klobučarić
Animation: Igor Babić
Graphics: Ivan Šurina
Score and audio: Marijo Luketa
Song performed by: Ivana Jelinčić
Voiced by: Jakov Babić
Year of production: 2008




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  1. #1 20.12.2011 at 13:05 Ivor

    Turbo sob i Limač

    Iako je od ovog uratka prošlo dosta vremena, vi ste zasad jedini koji bi me mogli uputiti kako doći do originalnih par sekundi Soba i Limača, jingla u kojemu se sob i snjegović također grle sa istom Turbo limač "pjesmicom", ali koja se prikazivala prije vaše "obnovljene" verzije.

    Ništa osobno, ali premda su i ovakvi likovi izrazito simpatični, smatram da nisu ni blizu starom dvojcu.

    Hvala na odgovoru, riješili biste me čežnje za uspomenom iz djetinjstva.