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X - men

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X - men

Those who are different are not necessarily our enemies …

The first title of this series was “The Mutants” and it was first presented to people in the form of a comic in 1963.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the story is based on the complexities and complications surrounding the evolution of humanity and civilisation.

Thanks to this globally intriguing subject matter, the Mutants are soon to become household names worldwide (Canada, Germany, Russia, Japan and other countries), and the characters are developing following that trend and so they become the representatives of different nations which adds another dimension to this story and it becomes the essence – the need for global tolerance among all people regardless of their differences, differences that are perceived as advantages by the X-Men philosophy and not as flaws or weaknesses.

I must admit I did not know anything about this series when we started the dubbing and I thought it was one of the many clichéd superhero series. To my satisfaction that turned out to be far from the truth.

It was the first project I worked on and I learnt a great deal about this interesting and challenging job and I can say that I completely fell in love with this story that conveys a very strong message for all of us; to respect our differences and to learn from them…

Mario Luketa,
Croatian language dubbing director

Dubbing artists:
           Charles Xavier Marko Torjanac
           Wolverine Luka Peroš
           Cyclops Igor Mešin
           Storm Senka Bulić
           Gambit Alen Šalinović
           Beast Siniša Ružić/Danijel Ljuboja
           Rogue Sanja Hrenar
           Jubilee Aleksanda Naumov
           Jean Grrey Mila Elegović

Dubbing: Project6 Studio


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    trebate stavljat crtice od 9 ujutro pa nadalje i stavite pokemone i captain tsubasa ozora to su legendarni crtici
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    mozete li mi reci ima li u ovom crticu jin kazama
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    wolverine je zakon, zašto ne stavite malo crtića