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on 10.04.2008. | 22,988 views
Another normal day in the life of Doctor Lele Martini …
In the suburbs of Rome all appears to be quiet and the family has gathered.

Introducing humour to the Italian doctor series, “Dear Doctor Martini” follows the professional and private life of the successful Dr. Lele Martini situated on the outskirts of Rome.

The doctor is a single parent with three children – his energetic son Ciccio, the typical teenager Maria and his three-year-old darling daughter Annuccia – but he gets plenty of help in raising them from his father Liberto, who is always witty, his domestic servant Cettina, who is like a second mother to the children, old friend Giulio, a car dealer, and the beautiful journalist Alice, the sister of Lele’s deceased wife. The home of Dr. Martini is always full of cheerfulness and optimism, along with everyday problems, funny situations and strong moments of tenderness too, which set a good example for everyone to enjoy all the good things that life brings.

Dubbing artists:
                Dr. Lele Martini Željko Duvnjak
                Cettina Vanja Ćirić
                Alice Sanja Hrenar
                Ciccio Aleksandra Naumov
                Libero Kruno Klabučar
                Nino Siniša Ružić
                Annucia Sanja Hrenar
                Sabrina Ana Begić
                Alberto Radovan Ruždjak
                Fausto Siniša Ružoć
                Maria, Gloria Hana Hegedušić
                Raponi, Giacinto Sven Šestak

Croatian language dubbing director: Sanja Barač
Dubbing: Project6 Studio


Comments (2)

  1. #2 20.08.2011 at 17:10 Laura

    Voljeni doktor Martini

    Obožavam gledati Martinija.
  2. #1 27.07.2011 at 16:52 Irena

    Voljeni doktor Martini

    Ljudi super ste,pogotovo Raponi.