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on 09.04.2008. | 18,154 views
Cockadoo what a day
The sun is shinin' brightly
Cockadoo sunny day
Down here on the farm!

For many people the daily rising of the sun may not seem like a big thing, but imagine that one morning the sun rises in your town, has a look around and then decides to go back to bed … That is exactly what happened on a farm where many animals coexisted in harmony. All the trouble was caused by the Grand Duke, an owl that loved darkness. His greatest threat was a rooster whose singing would wake the sun up every morning, and that is why the Duke sent a rooster trained for fighting to start a quarrel among the animals on the farm. Our hero Chanticleer, abandoned by his friends, leaves for the big city, but his departure brought rain to the farm and many other problems with it ….

Director of the original:
Don Bluth

Dubbing artists:
Pijevac (Chanticleer) Hrvoje Klobučar
Vocal for Chanticleer Đani Stipaničev
Vojvoda (Grand Duke of Owls) Marko Torjanac
Patou Pero Jurčić
Edmund Ivana Bakarić

Croatian language dubbing director: Nikola Klobučarić
Dubbing: Project6 Studio


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