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on 08.04.2008. | 21,586 views
What a day this has been, What a rare mood I'm in.
Why, it's almost like being in love!

Antz is a 1998 computer-animated film produced by DreamWorks Studios.
The story is set in an ant colony in Central Park (in New York City), and our protagonist, Z-4195 is a rather neurotic individual who tries to find his place and true identity in the anthill. In this ant colony each ant represents a tiny cog in a massive mechanism that functions to maintain the survival of the entire ant community.

Ants are grouped according to their physical predispositions into soldiers or workers, ruled by a small group of high-ranking military officers lead by the queen with her daughter, Princess Bala, by her side.

As is the norm, those who have power want more and more power, and in order to achieve this the chief villain of the story, General Mandible, starts his evil plan to eradicate those whom he considers unnecessary to accomplish his mission for total control. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it …?

The remarkable thing about this story is that it follows two parallel stories, a personal story of the protagonist Z along with the ongoing social and political situation administered by ruthless passions and ambitions at the expense of those most vulnerable; the common people, oh sorry, ANTS!!!

I directed this Croatian version with enormous pleasure (because ANTZ is my favourite cartoon), and I am very satisfied with what we have achieved. Considering the tremendous acting talent available for this project, any result too far from excellence would have been failure for me as the director. I urge you to check out our version of this beautiful story …

Mario Luketa,
Croatian language dubbing director

Dubbing artists:
           Z-4195 Janko Rakoš
           Princeza Bala (Princess Bala) Daria Knez
           Brada (General Mandible) Robert Ugrina
           Weaver Bojan Navojec
           Cutter Slaven Knezović
           Azteca Renata Sopek
           Kraljica (The Queen Ant) Jasna Bilušić
           Barbatus Slavko Juraga and others.

Director of the original: Eric Darnell, Tim Johnson
Translation and adaptation: Mirna Vilišić
Dubbing: Project6 Studio




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    Planirate li izdati "Mrave", pa i "Princa iz Egipta" na DVD-u. Šteta je tako rijetko gledati tako dobru sinkronizaciju.