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Lilo and Stitch

on 09.04.2008. | 21,548 views
Lilo and Stitch
Kauai … the island of Hawaii …
Sandy beaches and papaya for breakfast. Thousands of palm trees around … but look? A girl and her little pet… Or maybe … not?

Lilo and Stitch, a 65-episode series in two seasons comes from the Disney Workshop.

Stitch is a genetically created blue alien, initially without a name, only the number 626. He is the original creation of Dr Jumba Jookiba with the purpose of creating chaos as the strongest and the scariest alien in space.

But when the experiment was completed, Dr Jumba was disappointed when the alien turned out to be so furry and cute … Dr Jumba recognised a destructive potential in no. 626 so he continued to develop him, but before the procedure was finished they were caught by the Police of Galactic Federation. No. 626 is doomed to spend the rest of his life on a deserted asteroid, but he manages to escape and accidentally lands on Kauai, one of the Hawaii islands.

The sweet little girl, Lilo, adopts no. 626 and names him Stitch. She teaches him manners using Elvis Presley as the perfect role model. Despite his original plan to use Lilo as a human shield to hide from Dr Jumba, Stitch starts to like his new owner more and more. He even saves her life at one occasion and that is why the Ground Councilwoman allows him to sever his sentence on the Earth, serving as a guard dog to little Lilo.
The two inseparable friends enjoy adventures every day and having a whole lot of fun.   

Dubbing artists:
           Lilo Sandra Hrenar
           Stitch Saša Buneta
           Plikli (Agent Pleakley) Janko Rakoš
           Đumba (Jumba Jookiba) Željko Vukmirica
           Gantu Bojan Navojec
           Nani Suzana Nikolić
           Hrčak Ronald Žlabur
           Pokus 625 (Experiment 625) Ljubo Kerekeš
           Hana Hegedušić, Robert Ugrina, Dora Polić, Goran Malus, Brigita Luketić, Luka Peroš

Croatian language dubbing director: Zlatko Štimac
Dubbing: Project6 Studio


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  1. #2 03.07.2012 at 10:11 anastasija

    lilo i stitch

    dobar je
  2. #1 13.12.2009 at 21:13 matej

    može te li možda staviti cijeli film na hrvatskom baš bi ga htjeo pogledati