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Iron Man

on 12.06.2008. | 24,603 views
Iron Man
We are putting on undersea armour.
Coordinates determined.
Readings are very strong.
Mandarin is somewhere near.

This is a classic story of a superhero in a constant battle against evil forces. Iron Man and his enemy Mandarin are two tough guys armed with the most advanced and deadly super weapons the world has ever seen. What more do you need for an entertaining and suspenseful action-packed adventure?

Igor certainly seems to be a man you could trust even if the destiny of the whole world was in his hands, and Luka seems to be dangerous, very dangerous.

Zlatko Štimac,
Croatian language dubbing director

Dubbing artists:
           Iron Man Igor Mešin
           Julia Ivana Bakarić
           Modok Dražen Čuček
           Mandarin Luka Peroš
           Wanda Vanja Ćirić
           Century Hrvoje Klobučar and others

Dubbing: Project6 Studio


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  1. #2 19.08.2012 at 10:11 cartons

    dajte ga pustite opet na novoj pls !!!
  2. #1 03.05.2009 at 20:15 optimus

    iron man

    ovaj crtić je cool samo što je film malo bolji