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Ed, Edd, and Eddy

on 07.04.2008. | 35,420 views
Ed, Edd, and Eddy
Yeah, we are rich! Cash for jawbreakers!
We will be chewing them all week!

This is a true story from a real neighbourhood and these are genuine kids; sometimes lucid, sometimes brutal, but always fun. Slow-witted Ed, intelligent and polite Edd and their leader, greedy Eddy are in a constant battle with the rest of their cul-de-sac.

Danny Antonucci turned his real-life story of him and his two sons into one of the last cartoon series made with classic hand-drawn animation. This results in every frame becoming a true piece of art.

As far the Croatian dubbing is concerned, I must say that we had an excellent cast and it was a real pleasure to work with them. I think we found the right suburban “lingo” and with the Croatian versions of the Kanker Sisters and Rolf we added an extra spice to the story. As you know, two Lees are much better than one – so we used two actresses for the role.
You will hear many people say: “That’s the cartoon I love!”

Zlatko Štimac,
Croatian language dubbing director

Dubbing artists:
           Ed Siniša Ružić
           Edd Ronald Žlabur
           Eddy Davor Svedružić
           Roman, Toni (Rolf, Jonny) Hrvoje Klobučar
           Sara, Maja Horvat (Sarah, May Kanker) Sanja Hrenar
           Ivo, Marija Horvat (Jimmy, Marie Kanker) Vanja Ćirić
           Višnja, Đurđa Horvat (Nazz, Lee Kanker) Ivana Bakarić and Ana Begić
           Neven (Kevin) Alen Šalinović

Director of the original:
Danny Antonucci
Dubbing: Project6 Studio


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    Ed edd i Eddy

    Steta sto toga nema na yt ak nije problem a da neko ima nek to baci na yt da drugi mogu gledat,tak da ak ko ima dajte link ;)...
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    SMACK DOWN vs RAW 2010

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    ovo vam je najbolji prijevod
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    opet ja!!!

    Opet ja Ivan.Sad šaljem za skoro svaki crtić.