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on 15.04.2008. | 18,654 views
…. When the power is in love,  hatred you can forget …
Cubix! Powers beyond comparison! Cubix! Evil forces beware!

Cubix: Robots for Everyone is a South Korean cartoon series created in Cinepix Studios in 2001. It was broadcast in two seasons.

The story takes place in the year 2040. Cubix is a friendly robot who is made out of a number of cubes, each of them serving its purpose, and they enable him to transform himself into different shapes (cars, planes, motorbikes, and so on).

He is always ready to help, and he can also understand human feelings such as fear, love, trust, and above all friendship, that actually develops between him and Connor, a boy who brings him to life after everyone had given up on him.

He is powered by a Solex generator, the greatest known source of energy that gives him special strength and power, and which he uses in the fight for good.

In the Croatian version we tried to bring to life the robots by making them speak different Croatian dialects. The result is a great story for younger viewers, but also for the older ones, like me …

Marijo Luketa

Croatian language dubbing director

Dubbing artists:
           Connor Hrvoje Klobučar
           Abby Ivana Hajder
           Chip Saša Buneta
           Mong Robert Ugrina
           Nemo Alen Šalinović
           Raska Sanja Marin
           Dr. K Sven Šestak
           Hela Mirta Zečević

Theme song performed by: Igor Ivanović /Jandranka Krištof
Dubbing: Project6 Studio


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  1. #2 27.03.2010 at 21:36 luka


    crtić je zakon samo ako možete malo produžiti cubixa
  2. #1 09.04.2009 at 18:32 Luka


    Cubix je najbolji.Stavi te ga na prvo mjesto!