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on 31.03.2008. | 27,270 views
Open Sesame, here we come!

Follow me to a place where incredible feats
Are routine ev'ry hour or so
Where enchantment runs rampant
Gets wild in the streets
Open sesame and here we go

Arabian nights, Like Arabian days
They tease and excite, Take off and take flight…

… to the adventures of a brave and quick-witted Aladdin, his fiancé Jasmine and other characters such as the Genie, Abu and parrot Iago. Aladdin and his joyful company will meet all kinds of villains in all kinds of unusual places, such as the ice caves and the forgotten catacombs. The dangers they are exposed to teach them the strength of love and friendship.

I will always remember my time working on Aladdin for two reasons; I met a few actors whose talent, as well as their personal qualities, filled me with enthusiasm and a my wish for the future is to make a feature film with them. More so, I would like to write roles for them –Ljubo, Dušan, Janko … my respects!

The other thing is that Project6 Studio has turned out to be a studio where professionalism is respected, where time is not wasted on conflicts, there is always a great vibe and excellent, creative and fruitful teamwork … my respects to everyone at the studio!

With these factors working in unison and the benefit of a project that is so imaginative and overflowing with magic, I think it is clear that we were all very sorry when the last episode was made, episode no. 86, after a fantastic year of tremendous team work.

Even nowadays, I sometimes miss the ingeniousness and wittiness of the Genie, the ironic sincerity of Iago, Aladdin’s passion and righteousness and Jasmine’s feminine might!!! I really enjoyed making this cartoon series.

Zrinka Matijević Veličan,
Croatian language dubbing director

Directors of the original: Ted Stones, Alan Zaslove

Dubbing artists:
       Aladdin Dušan Bućan
       Jasmina (Jasmine) Zrinka Cvitešić
       Duh (the Genie) Ljubo Kerekeš
       Jago (Iago) Janko Rakoš

Translation and adaptation: Viola Karijić
Dubbing: Project6 Studio


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  1. #1 29.05.2009 at 14:20 lovro panter

    aladin mi je fora,ali jago je za krepat