Action Man

Action Man

on 16.07.2008. | 26,104 views
Action Man
The world’s leading scientist is kidnapped. It is the work of a mysterious villain called No Face. Action Man is framed for the crime.
In the meantime, an army of robots are threatening the security and safety of the world. The infamous Dr. X is preparing a deadly plan to control and rule all of humankind. His newest weapon is a nerve gas that can control the human mind. People lay all their hopes on Action Man and his friends. The time is running out fast, and for Action Man it means a departure to the mysterious island X.  

Action Man, Red Wolf and Flynt give hope to the human race one more time …

Dubbing artists:
             Action Man Marko Torjanac
             Red Wolf
             Dr. X Branko Smiljanić
             No Face Igor Mešin
             Professor Moran

Director of Croatian language dubbing: Nikola Klobučarić
Dubbing: Project6 Studio


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